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Hey All
We’re on the very brink of spring! Can’t you tell?! The sun is lingering a bit longer, flowers are beginning to bloom and humidity will soon its way back home. Yippie for Spring, right? At least until your love-hate relationship with (insert drumroll)…Shrinkage ensues.

If you have curly or coily hair then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Shrinkage can make your hair appear up to 50%-70% (in some cases) shorter than it actually is! Sometimes it may seem as if our hair just isn’t growing as fast as we want, when it actuality the frustration may just be that we cannot showcaswe the true length of our hair unless it’s stretched or straightened in some way. The fact of the matter is that shrinkage goes hand in hand with having curly or coily hair. Some of us may experience more of it than others but it cannot be avoided because it is part of our hairs makeup. It’s easy to get frustrated with your hairs’ shrinkage but here are some quick tips and styles that you can do to help battle shrinkage.

Braiding your hair while wet and leaving your braids until dry can help to stretch your hair and allow you to see a better picture of your hairs true length.

Twisting your hair while wet and allowing to dry is another great way to stretch curly/coily hair.

Banding your hair is another great way to stretch curly hair. While the hair is wet section hair and use hair bands to tie the hair from the root all way to the end… once dried you will be able to see your hair’s length.

Blow drying/Tension method (on low-medium heat) is also a way to stretch your hair, but just be careful not to make this your staple method to showcase your length… trust me, I learned by experience. Need a tutorial?

Bunning is probably the simpliest way to stretch curly/coily hair then style as usual.

Roller sets and Curlformers are also great ways to stretch your hair.

In conclusion shrinkage is part of what makes our hair so versitile and unique… one day we can wear our hair down our backs and then the next day up to our necks… enjoy your hair regardless of the length, have patience and have fun… Remember healthy hair will grow so make sure you are concerned with taking care of your hair and not so focused on the length.

Until next time…

Lucian Locs