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Happy June everyone!

Hope you had a great Memorial day weekend! I know I did!

Summer is in full bloom and I don’t know about you, but I’m eager to try some different “dos” for summer. In summer, I find most people tend to prefer to wear their tresses out more often; especially if their hair is growing closer to achieving their hair goals. Though wearing hair out is fun and freeing, keep in mind that while your hair is out, you may want to add one extra step in keeping it soft, manageable and fabulous. Keeping hair stretched may help prevent the occurrence of single strand knots (depending on your hair texture). Single strand knots are just what they sound like, a single strand of hair forming a tiny knot in the shaft of the hair, therefore causing other strands to become tangled as well. IF you find that you are experiencing these pesky situations…check out this informational video which offers 7 tips on how to prevent them.

Natural Hair Truth: Afro-Textured is Fragile!
It is a common myth that afro-textured hair is the strongest type of hair. NOT SO! Truth is, afro-textured hair twists and turns meaning there are more opportunities for it to break than in straight hair. Many people forcefully tear the comb through afro-textured hair not realizing that they are actually breaking the hair. Methods such as finger detangling (mentioned above), using wide-tooth combs, and combing the hair from the tip to root will help aid in the maintenance of healthy afro-textured hair.

Protective Style of the Month
Bouffant Bangs: Protective styling with cornrows and loosely, separated “kinky” twists create this 60′s inspired bouffant/updo. Like this style? Book your appointment now 678-408-0708

Tip of the Month:
Try Finger Detangling! Finger detangle your hair, first, before using a comb. It helps remove shed hair with less breakage. Follow-up with a wide tooth comb and rake through for a smooth finish! Curious to learn more? Check out this video on finger detangling methods.

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