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Many of you have been with me from the very beginning and I would like to start off by just saying THANK YOU! I appreciate each of you more than you know!

With Spring in bloom a lot of you are eager to lighten your tresses… But before you do, ask yourself honestly, “What is the condition of my hair”? If your first answer isn’t a confident “HEALTHY”, then think again! There are other ways to achieve the color that you want without the added damage that traditional coloring can cause to your hair. For example, use Henna. Henna is a great way to add color to your hair while also serving as a conditioner! Click here to learn how to apply “the two step indigo process” or try the “henna gloss tutorial” here.

Other alternatives to get your color fix are by trying semi-permanent color and having fun with extensions. These are great ways to add color to your hair; without the permanent change! Whatever your preferred look, always, always, always moisturize!

Stay tuned for some great ideas on keeping your hair soft and manageable during the hot summer months to come.

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Tip of the Month:
Don’t have lots of time to spend nourishing your hair? Moisturize your ends while watching your favorite TV show, movie or vlog…add some EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) to your ends while passing the time!
Learn more about the benefits of “Hair Care and Olive Oil”.

Natural Hair Truth: Growth!
If you or some you know has ever said, “my hair isn’t growing”…It IS! Curly, kinky hair, in it’s natural state has a tendency to shrink, thus preventing you from seing its real length. While hair growth is predetermined due to genetics, with proper care, natural hair, or any hair for that matter, can grow to great lengths. Your hair growth may not be easily recognizeable due to “hair abuse”…you know, excessive heat styling, chemicals, and poor detangling habits. Be gentle with your hair, cherish it and it will love you back. Remember, keep your hair moisturized, protect your hair by tying it up during rough activities and retain moisture overnight by sleeping on a satin pillow case.