Natural Hair Styling services from Lucian Locs changed the hair salon experience for me significantly. Unlike ordinary salons, Master Stylist Melanie Rosemin appropriately books clients ensuring no overlap of services. She offers exclusive appointments allowing her to focus on the client’s hair care & styling needs. Melanie is a creative, her styling skills flow freely from mind to fingers leaving your finished hair style as unique and defined as you. Her passion is in the details. She takes pride in mixing her own natural hair & loc butters, ensuring the most authentic ingredients nurture your tresses. Her parting and finishing skills are loathe worthy; crisp, whimsical, sophisticated. I recommend my natural hair stylist, Melanie Rosemin, to the stars.

T Marie Taylor, client 4+ years

Melanie’s braiding skills and service are unmatched. She is one of the best natural hairstylists I’ve been to!
Crystal J.

“Lucian Locs makes styling my natural hair easy. I wore neat two-strand twists for two weeks, and then washed them gently as recommended. When I untwisted my hair, I had an attractive curly style that lasted another week. Low maintenance, quick quality styling. You’ve got to try it!”
Zandra L Jordan

I have been going to Lucian Locs for 2 years now. Prior to meeting Melanie, I have tried other natural stylist for one reason or another. Unfortunately, there has not been anyone in Atlanta that possess all of Melanie’s characteristics to include her quality of work. I continue to go back to Melanie because of her professionalism, flexibility, dedication and most importantly, her patience with not only me, but my daughter as well. I have received various compliments regarding my styles and healthiness of my hair. Melanie is very creative and has styled both mine and my daughters hair for numerous occasions. Melanie is not only skilled, she’s fast as well, and the entire salon area is serene, polished and clean. Don’t waste your time trying other places. Lucian locs is the best! Melanie is fantastic!!! I can’t say enough!!!
Cornlia H.

Hello, first of all I would like to say that I am very pleased with Melanie’s services. She is a true professional. Always on time and I love the one on one service. My styles, my color is always on point. Not to mention the compliments I get on a regular basis. I love the services that I receive and would recommend Melanie to everyone.
Arletha Y.

My name is T. Cox and I am from Atlanta, since going natural I have searched for years to find that person who only does natural hair. While most stylist say they specialize in Natural hair, I found that not to be true, until I was told about Melanie who I must say has been the best. My very first appointment I was very pleased, I got so many compliments and has referred all of my natural friends and many more to her. What I like most is that she doesn’t over book, when it’s your turn it’s only you no waiting. My hair is beautifully styled by Melanie, I would not think of going to anyone else.

Melanie’s braiding/styling technique and professionalism is impeccable. I would highly recommend her services. Thanks for taking such good care of my hair
Trina A.

I was so nervous about doing my “Big Chop” because I didn’t know of any true natural hair stylist, and I was worried about giving back into the “creamy crack.” One day I saw a young lady with a phenomenal natural hair style and had to ask her where she got it done. I found out it was Mel and I’ve been going to her ever since. All she needs is a general idea of what you want and she will wow you and the price is very reasonable for the original art work you get to wear on your head.
P.S I went to another salon closer to my residence to have my hair straightened to see how long it had gotten. The moment I went back to Mel and walked through the door, she knew I had put heat on my hair and noticed that I had heat damage. Mel is awesome and definitely knows her stuff! I won’t make the mistake of falling into the heat monster again. I don’t know if there is anyone in ATL can top her
Queen Short

I was introduced to Melanie by a co-worker whose natural hair always looked amazing, healthy and with great style. I was new to wearing my hair natural and have fallen back in love with my hair largely because of the talents of Melanie. I get compliments on my hair what feels like every day (seriously) from everyone – men, women, white, black, young, old, when my hair is freshly done and even when I think I’ve stretched her amazing style that I wear a day too long!!! I have referred several people to her who instantly love her as well as with her skills. She is by far the best stylist I have ever had!! Awesome!!!
Debbie S.

That testimonial I sent to you is so real!! I had to “explain” my hair and thank people 10 times (maybe more, I just stopped counting) over the last two days everywhere I went. And decided to give your contact info to the girl at the optician’s office who could not believe how goo ti looked once I told her that it was 2 weeks old!!! You got talent young lady!! Have a great day!!
Debbie S.